Thursday, 8 March 2012

ST Moriz Dark Review!

Now like the majority of girls, I'm a sucker for a sun tan but hate the idea of harming my skin and body from using sunbeds, therefore I stick to my trusty St Moriz mousse. I usually use the standard shade which sometimes I find doesn't really make much difference, so I bought the 'dark' shade for a change at £3.99.

I used my applicator mitt and applied equal amounts to all my body parts, starting with my legs. You need to prep the skin before using this tan! Exfoliate, Exfoliate and Exfoliate some more! I had a small patch on my wrist where I test wax before I use it on a client and the tan clung to the area like crazy. Then once the tan is applied let it dry fully before getting into bed etc. I advise anyone to use the tan before bed then sleep overnight and shower it off in the morning, as when I woke up I was the orangest I've ever seen myself!
Then once I showered I actually liked the result. Excuse the photo of my dodgey leg...

Before - After (Showered)

Now I wouldn't say this tan gives you a deep colour as I was expected but it does give you a nice finish, but if you are looking for a dark ten similar to xen tan or fake bake I would not suggest this as a substitute! For the price though it is good value.

  • Isn't orangey in colour
  • Doesn't streak
  • Easy application
  • Smells awful
  • Needs to be washed off (unless you like the oompah loompah look)
  • Skin needs to be prepped thoroughly before application

Overall I'd give this a 6.5/10. To me I still much prefer the original ST Moriz, but this is good for a change!

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