Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A little over a year on, big changes!

A year later!
Just over a year on and so many things have changed for me and I’ve finally decided it’s time to start blogging again and being active in the beauty network.
So what’s happened other than growing older (19 isn’t that old is it?), a few holidays and a few people come and go? Well I am now a fully qualified level 3 beauty therapist currently working in a local hotel as a spa therapist for just over 3 months now. Although, I was planning to be working on cruise liners and right now I would be working on them if I had gone through with the training. Whilst at college we had a company called ‘Steiner’ come in and give all the beauty students a talk about life on cruise ships and beginning your career in industry on one. It all sounded amazing, so I filled out an application, awaited a reply and yes I got an interview in Birmingham for Steiner to work as a therapist on board. I went along to my interview, done well and got offered a spot on ship if I went through with their mandatory training a month before leave. All sounded great but a little before that I found out my only sister was pregnant! I really didn’t want to leave home especially for the 9 months you have to be contracted for and miss my little niece or nephew grow up, so instead I decided to defer my offer with steiner for six months and luckily well a vacancy came up where I work now and I really wouldn’t look back on the decision I made.

Right now I’m so happy and so many things are falling into place as I’m slowly getting older and more mature. I know what I want to do in the future in 5 years, 10 years and maybe even beyond that! But for now I want to carry on blogging, share my interests, good buys, experiences in industry and even life experiences with those who stay tuned in with my blog. I really miss the blogging world and right now I want to get deep into it and stay active, so stay tuned for regular updates from yours truly, Chloe x

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