Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Fragrance of the moment - Harajuku Lovers, Love.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I'm finally back after a month away from my blog! A lot has happened believe me. Including tonnes of college work, a breakup/makeup, being ill and shifts at work, but nevertheless I'm finally back and I wont be straying away for so long again!

Now this post was planned to be uploaded around 3 weeks ago (bad I know) but it is finally here and its on the lovely fragrance by Gwen Stefani called Love, from the Harajuku Lovers Collection.

Look how lovely she is! I picked her up at Tk Maxx for £10 for a 30ml bottle! 

And look how lovely the packaging is, I couldn't resist!

Now down to the actual review! This is a very light fragrance that of course is best for day, its supposed to be a sensuous floral scent, which I would agree with but it doesn't last for long at all. There are definitely fruity undertones making this a very sweet girly fragrance (hence the name love). I havent tried any others from the collection but I'd love to as I love this perfume! 
The only thing I wish is that:
 1 -  the bottle was bigger. 
2 - the scent lasted for longer.

Anyway, on a side note I have been thinking about beginning to start filming videos for YouTube, I'm not 100% sure yet as I do lack confidence in that area but so many people on here and in person have said to me I should. I will keep you posted on my final decision but I do think its likely that I shall start! Also, I've started the makeup section of my beauty nvq at college so I will certainly be doing tutorials and tips on here, so watch out for a few tutorials coming up! And I promise, I wont be leaving it so long again before posting! 


  1. Awww! I want to own a harajuku lovers perfume so bad. Unfortunately they're not available where I live. G and Love are soooo cute.

    1. Aww I love them, I want G but they only had love and lil angel in the store :( I think you can buy them on ebay and amazon but the prices are ridiculous! x