Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Red Luscious Lips for Winter!

 Now as we’re reaching into the coldest part of the year I always feel conscious of wearing bright colour on my lips in case of cracking from dry winter lips. But lately, I figured out a simple and effective routine for making sure my coloured lips look and feel great throughout this season!
Now for this look I’ve chosen a deep red from Avon as its one of my favourites to wear for winter called Really Rosy from the Avon Ultra Colour Rich Mega Impact Lipstick collection. I love this range from Avon as the colour is definitely rich and has a creamy texture which glides on the lips beautifully, even better it contains spf 15 and even though we are in winter lips can still get damaged as the top layer is so fragile.

In total I use 4 products
  • A lip scrub from lush or you can just use any sugar mixed with a bit of lip balm.
  • I use Vaseline in cocoa butter.
  • My chosen lipstick.
  • A gloss to seal and create a shine, I use Lancome’s juicy wear top coat in clear.

To begin I prep my lips by removing any excess dead skin by using my lip scrub. I simply rub it into my lips and lick it off as it tastes delicious, if yours doesn’t taste nice you can remove it by using a wet cotton wool pad.

Then I apply a generous amount of lipbalm to my lips and allow it to soak in for a minute.

I then apply my lipstick first to the outline of my lips to mimic lipliner and then all over for a full coverage. You can then blot with tissue and reapply to make sure its long lasting.

Once this is applied I then take my clear gloss and apply all over to help seal and give a lovely shine to the lips.

And volia, lips that will last all day throughout the winter weather with no cracking!

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